Thursday, October 6, 2011

American Horror Story - Fall TV Review Part 5

What the……

You guys need to help me out here. I never watched Nip/Tuck, if I had, maybe the new show from creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk would not have been as much of a shock.

I was an avid Twin Peaks fan back in 1990, so I’m okay with the weird and creepy. This show however, left me feeling kind of dirty. I really can’t describe it any other way. I watched it alone and I kept looking around me in a, “Did you see that?” fashion, but no one else was there to bounce this off of.

First of all, how does FX get away with so much? Why can they say s**t whenever they please? Do you pay an additional upfront fee to the FCC and then you get a green light? And I’m not complaining, but they showed Dylan McDermott’s ass like three times! The horror scenes were very graphic and gory and the situations were very adult. Seriously, this seemed like it was on HBO.

The story is intriguing. The Harmon family went through some tough times recently. Between a miscarriage and Dr. Harmon’s subsequent affair, they decide to have a fresh start. They move from Boston to a discounted manor in Los Angeles. Why so cheap? No, it’s not the down turned economy, it’s because the previous owners died brutally; murder/suicide.

There are so many creepy storylines going on it’s hard to keep track. Everyone from the neighbors to the help and even Dr. Harmon’s teenage patient all have something disturbing up their sleeve. The question though, is any of it connected?

There are also quick flashes of gross looking scenes and creatures. These are shown so quickly they are almost subliminal. It’s a field day for anyone who wants to pause their DVR to get a better look.

For now I’m interested enough to keep watching. We’ll see how long I keep watching and live with myself the next morning.


Lin said...

I honestly didnt expect much from this show but I have to say I was happily surprised by it & loved it.

It's gruesome, risky, suspenseful & keeps me wondering 'what's next?'. I'll definitely keep watching it...with the lights on ;)

Fogs said...

Its getting a lot of good buzz, so people seem to be digging it.

I myself liked it a lot, but you have some very valid points about the "HBO-esque" content, Colleen...

Ep2 wasn't as awesome as Ep1. I hope that doesnt bode ill for the series.

Karen said...

I didn't bother watching it because I felt they probably couldn't go where they needed to on FX. Seems like they did go there which is surprising because Sons of Anarchy and Rescue Me (two other FX shows) didn't seem as graphic when they easily could have been.
I did watch a few season of Nip/ was really out there and boundary pushing and honestly just not for me. It seemed to shock just because it could.
I might catch up with this show and give it a try at some point.