Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens - Movie Review

It seems like summer 2011 is all about fun at the movies. Cowboys and Aliens is yet another, popcorn-munching, special effects extravaganza.

I think a lot of people were on the fence about this one. Seriously, a western involving alien attacks? Even with the star quality of Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Jon Favreau in the director’s chair, this still could have been a huge stinker.

Surprisingly, the concept works. Largely, this is because the western storyline is very strong. The aliens didn’t need to show up to make this movie compelling. You have all the right elements of a great western. A struggling town, stranger with a past and an overbearing colonel making the whole town jump to his orders.

Craig and Ford turn in strong performances and play well off of each other. You can always count on Ford to bring a little bit more. His character is not one-sided. His scenes with his son, his assistant and the young boy in town are his strongest moments.

I haven’t seen a Daniel Craig film so I was not familiar with his work. I’m also one of the few women to not find him attractive; he’s a bit rough around the edges for my taste. Frankly, I’ll still take Ford over Craig! I was impressed though and I feel pretty good now about him taking over the lead for the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. He was a believable cowboy and tough guy. He played the role straight, as did all the actors, so that even in the midst of alien absurdity, the plot stayed grounded in some form of reality.

We do need to talk about those aliens though don’t we? Well they were pretty cool. They were cringe inducing and made me jump few times. The audience does have to buy into the fact that this is where this movie is going to go. A little crazy and different, yet accepting it fully will guarantee you one fun day at the cinema.

So what are your thoughts? Did you see it? Did the concept work for you?


fredamans said...

I saw it and left half way. I thought the concept was awesome, and was hoping it would be this summer's smash hit, but I was disappointed and didn't think it came together like it should.

Colleen said...

I think it works for you or it doesn't. I certainly didn't feel it was a "hit" but it was fun. I hope you saw Rise of the Planet of the that was awesome!

fogs said...

Planet of the Apes was really cool.

This not so much though. Gotta disagree on this one. I was disappointed.

Maybe that's the missing elements? I had expectations? I dont know.

Either way I just thought it wound up bland in too many ways.

I'm also psyched for "Girl w/" I've intentionally stayed away from the book and the foreign films so that my first exposure to the material comes at the hands of Fincher and Craig. :D!

Colleen said...

That's a good idea. I'm already bummed about the casting because you picture the people in your head and then it's hard to see their vision. I'll give it a go though.

fogs said...

Yeah. Didnt want any of that... So I'm psyched. Especially since everyone loves this story so much.

I figure it has to be good.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Wow, Colleen. You haven't seen another Daniel Craig movie?

Put Enduring Love on your netflicks queue right now. You will not regret it.

(I'm afraid I didn't bother with C&A so I have nothing to add to the main debate of the post, sorry).

Colleen said...

Perfect timing! I was in my Netflix cheque when your comment popped up, so Enduring Love is now next on my list. I'll let you know what I think!