Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Captain America - Movie Review

If everyone has been telling you that Captain American is a much better film than you would expect, hold on while I jump on that bandwagon.

I loved the first Iron Man film and the rebooted Hulk with Ed Norton. I’m down with The Avengers movie next summer, but I didn’t feel pressured to see ALL of the movies. Thor looked a bit far-fetched to me, but then I heard some good things. By the time I finally decided to give it a try, I missed it. I’ll have to catch it on DVD, but since I have a dinosaur of a TV, something will be lost.

I also wasn’t quite sure about Captain American. The suit looks a bit cheesy and Chris Evans already played Human Torch in The Fantastic Four. I had a lot of other summer movies on my list…then I saw the trailer.

I have a general knowledge of super heroes, meaning that I have at least heard of them. As far as origins go, I’m a bit weak. I did not know that Captain America takes place during World War II and that he was created to fight Nazis. This already had my interest. Then when I found out he was a scrawny little guy who becomes a fine fighting machine, I was sold. I’m a tiny woman and I always like seeing the little guy kick some ass!

If you wonder why Chris Evans was cast as another superhero, you’ll understand early into this film. This guy is not simply a gob of muscles. He’s very likeable and quite funny. He manages to make character Steve Rogers, sensitive, tough and heroic. You want to see this guy whip the Nazi’s, save his friends and hopefully, get the girl.

There was also a deeper story than I initially thought. It’s not as simple as they pump this guy up and then let him loose. Every bit of the story is well earned and if you’re looking for a super creepy villain that gives you goosebumps, this is your film. True, Stephen Colbert accurately referred to him as a sunburnt James Carville, Red Skull is one menacing dude!

Even with a great a hero and villain, you still need the supporting characters to be interesting and well-rounded. Here too, this movie delivers. Stanley Tucci as Dr. Erskine, doesn’t disappoint as a German scientist who refuses to help Hitler’s army, Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter, is a tough British female officer, who just may be falling for our hero and Sebastin Stan is simply delicious as Steve Rogers devoted friend and fellow solider Bucky. Captain American had a few too many muscles for me. My eyes were on Stan whenever he was on the screen. Funny, when I looked him up later, I discovered I’d seen every film he’s been in! The only one I can remember noticing him in was Hot Tub Time Machine, because he stood out as the only good looking guy in the film.

The special effects were amazing and truly offered every type of action chase scene you could want, except for maybe outer space! Speeding trains, car chases and airplane sequences were gorgeously filmed and kept me on the edge of my seat. I even inadvertently cheered out loud a couple of times.

This definitely got me more revved up than ever for The Avengers movie next summer. I was a bit shocked at how many people left the theater as soon as the credits started to roll. I can’t be the only nerd who knows they show a clip of the next installment at the end of each film. One couple stayed for 90% of the credits and then walked out! Maybe they all saw it at Comic-Con? Anyway, don’t worry, there’s a juicy bit for you if you stay till the end.

Now I liked Green Lantern, but Captain American truly did surpass it in every way. The storyline, the acting and the special effects, were all high class. Plus, as far-fetched as super hero movies can be this one never took itself too seriously. First Harry Potter, than this, I’m on a summer roll!

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