Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Can You Believe I Haven't Seen - The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski

Well, I wrote almost this entire post and then I thought, “Hey I haven’t saved this yet.” So I hit “SAVE” but it opened another window so I said “no” to saving document 2, but then it erased both! I know this has nothing to do with my movie review, but I must vent. Seriously, I was 90% done!

It’s the last day of the month and time for my review of another flick that I really should have seen by now. I’m realizing that I missed a lot of films that came out in the 1990’s. My kids were small then so it’s understandable. What’s funny though is I had Showtime and HBO, but it was before the DVR pause feature, so an entire film was a challenge.

This month I watched The Big Lebowski. I like The Coen Brothers and every actor in this film so it’s amazing I still never found the time for this one.

Jeff Bridges plays schlub Jeff Lebowski who is mistaken for millionaire Jeff Lebowski. This mistaken identity turns their lives and everyone around them completely upside down.

It was great to see John Goodman in such a sizable role as Bridges’ lunatic friend. I must admit to being disappointed in Steve Busemi’s role. He was wasted! He barely had a dozen words in the whole film!

I have a hard time judging this movie fairly. I enjoyed it and I loved the whole “Dude” persona. I was surprised that bowling did not play as central a role as I thought, however, this film has gained such a cult status over the years that a lot of expectations have built up since its original release in 1998. I’m not sure it would have stuck with me the way it has with others. I’ve also heard it’s a love it or hate type of film and I must day I can’t agree with that. I had a good time, but I wasn’t rolling around with laughter. It didn’t strike the same chord with me as Fargo or O Brother, Where Art Thou?. Time will tell if certain things stick with me, or if I feel compelled to watch it again.

I’m not sure what’s in store for September. Maybe I’ll let you guys decide. Here are two films that couldn’t be more different, but the one thing they have in common, I haven’t seen them! So next month, should I check out Babe or Easy Rider?


Lin said...

Ugh, I hate it when that happens!

Honestly, I hadn't seen this movie up until 3 years ago & that's only because my husband made me sit through it. I had heard of it but never wanted to see it, when I finally did I found that it was actually really good. Jeff Bridges is really talented & funny.

The Artist Formerly Known as Hatter said...

Expectations are a killer, and ignoring them is damned near impossible. The humour in this one is definitely more absurd.

For next month I suggest BABE - EASY RIDER is awesome in the scheme of things, but it hasn't aged well and doesn't play the way it used to.

(Psst - You still have my old link in your blogroll)

Colleen said...

I know Hatter! I actually have updating your site on my "to do list" for tonight. I also hope to have some time to check out your new digs!

fogs said...

I dont know that I'd recommend Easy Rider that much right now unless you're dead set on improving your "filmography". As the previous poster mentioned, it hasn't aged all that well.

I know one of the posts you did earlier was the Godfather, but I forgot... did you see Godfather 2?

Lebowski is a film that grows on you. I dont think I fell in love with it til the third time around.

Now I think its brilliant. So funny, and tons of things for the amatuer film critic to dissect and over analyze. Phenomenal movie in my opinion!

moviesandsongs365 said...

I realize The Big Lebowski is a cult film, just not my taste, I gave it a 2nd chance, didn't stay with me.

I disagree with the comments about Easy Rider being dated, yes, it is about the late 60s, but in my recent review I found it to still be fresh, the colourful characters, great soundtrack, thoughtful script, and the unpredictability of who they meet on their journey trumps out-of-date elements (for me)

Maybe you should seee both Easy Rider and Babe ( :

Runs Like A Gay said...

See Babe! It's brilliant...

(I confess I've not seen Lebowski either).