Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Voice

What’s not to love about the new NBC show The Voice? I’m a well known American Idol fan. I eagerly watched that show from day one, but this year I saw my out and I took it. I’m glad I did. I know their ratings are still high, but the show has played itself out in my opinion. Also, that C&W singer won. That’s about the only genre of music I don’t listen to so I’m glad I didn’t waste all those hours.

I remember hearing about The Voice, but I knew I didn’t want to add a new singing show to my list after successfully severing ties with Idol. I started to become intrigued though with the powerhouse judging panel they were assembling. Aguilera, Levine, Green and Shelton are currently topping the charts and touring. These are not has-beens; instead they are on the pulse of music today. I tried to resist, but I finally gave in. Can I admit that part of the reason is I love feasting my eyes on Adam Levine every week? Damm, that man’s a hottie!

So some might say it’s gimmicky. The initial auditions are blind. The judges do not see the singers and they are judged strictly on their voices. I, however, loved this concept. I think it worked too because I can’t imagine any other show where two bald women would be in the semi-finals!

It’s only fair to give credit to the trailblazing Idol because without it this show would not exist. They really introduced addictive, reality television where viewers can produce the outcome. Also, many fine artists have emerged from the show, even if that has not been the case lately.

So I’m in no way dissin’ American Idol. I’m only saying that The Voice has managed to fix the things that Idol has not. The judges are more relevant, the song choices are fresh, Carson Daly keeps his mouth shut, we don’t have to watch horrible singers and Adam Levine is a hottie…oh wait, I think I mentioned that already!

The show is rushing by at break neck speed too, so I don’t have time to get sick of it. I’m going to download some of the performances I’ve seen so far from iTunes. I would say the only problem is the contestants are so talented I hate to see any of them leave. I hope this show brings success for all of them. It seems like the coaches are very hands on and not above helping them out after the show. The judge banter is also pretty hysterical and I wouldn’t might being able to go online and hear the stuff they are bleeping out!

Bravo to NBC for putting on something fresh and fun during the long hot summer months.

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