Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Song of the Week - Metric/Sick Muse

Sick Muse – Metric

The only thing better than discovering a new song on your own is when a friend turns you on to something cool. My buddy burned me a copy of Metric’s album Fantasies and told me to check it out. If they sound familiar, they were also featured on the Scott Pilgrim Soundtrack. Too cool!


Karen said...

I love Metric. they did a great acoustic set for Sirius. I saw them in concert but I have to be honest and say they weren't that great :-(( but I still love them.

By the way - Did you watch Wilfred? I almost spit milk out my nose - too funny and Louie is back!

Colleen said...

I missed Wilfred! Thankfully I taped it because I knew I'd forget. I plan to watch it soon. Sounds promising!