Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lost and the Willy Wonka Connection

I promised myself that I would not try to figure out the end of Lost. I wanted to sit back and let the final episodes unfold. I would not waste time on any more theories. I promised! Then they had to end last week’s episode with a Gene Wilder voiceover from Willy Wonka! What are you doing to me?

It has to be a clue right? That is way too random of a reference. If I dissect my Wonka Pysch 101 this is what I come up with.
1. We know our main characters are candidates. Wonka had to find someone to run the factory, so he opened his doors in hopes of finding someone who loved the factory as much as he did.
2. Slugworth was thought to be a villain, but was later revealed to be working for Wonka. He was testing those kids to see which ones were honest. Remember they were supposed to bring him an everlasting gobstopper? This means my earlier theory is true and Fake-John Locke is just a spy for Jacob and not evil.
3. Wonka told Charlie he could bring his whole family to live with him in the factory. I think we all know Jack is Charlie in this scenario. Will his family be the people who would have a better life on the island? I’m thinking Kate, Sawyer, Rose (where is she?) and maybe Claire.

This is all I have for now. Help me out people! Watch the clip above. Listen and think. By the way, I blubbered like a baby through last week’s episode. I need to remember to have tissue nearby this week.

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