Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Idol Chatter

What to say about the departure of Siobhan Magnus? This dippey gal has been quite an interesting contestant this year. I’ve never seen someone who can hit these incredibly high and difficult notes, but otherwise, cannot sing! I feel the judges did her a great disservice by only focusing on those big notes and not pointing out to her that everything else sounded awful! I believe she needs a good vocal coach. The potential would have to be there, right? Also, she needs to be advised about the fact that she has no soul to her voice. She should never attempt to sing R&B and she certainly should NEVER sing Aretha.

I tuned my TV in at 9:50pm. I’ve had no interest in the performers on results night. This truly is the least interesting season since Carrie Underwood. I’m finding far more entertainment on “Vote for the Worst.”

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