Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thanks iTunes!

I just want to extend a heart felt thanks to iTunes. This morning I logged on to my iTunes account to check out what's new. Since my children are always hogging the computer, I can only spend time with my iTunes account on weekend mornings when they are asleep.

I often download the free songs because, hey, they are free. I've actually found some great new bands/singers through their offerings. I also grab the "Pick of the Week" cards from Starbucks and download those songs too.

This week however, iTunes didn't have just a free song but a whole album of various artists Christmas tunes...for free! Each year I treat myself to a new Christmas album, but as is true for many of you out there, this is an extra tight Christmas. Getting to add to my extensive Christmas music collection for free, makes me feel like I received an early present!

So thanks iTunes, you made my day. This album is being offered for a full week. It started on the 8th, so that means there's only three days left, get on over there and collect your free holiday cheer!

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