Sunday, August 3, 2008

Dr. Horrible's Sing - Along Blog

What does someone like Joss Whedon do during the writer’s strike? Well, if you have an overactive imagination for shows like “Buffy, The Vampire Slayer” and “Firefly,” you’ll probably gather your friends together and create a mock musical.

This was originally available free on the web and has generated enough buzz to now be available for $3.98 on iTunes. This will get you all three acts that run approximately fifteen minutes each.

It’s not for everyone. Strike that! It should be for everyone. C’mon, this is pretty silly fare and you should get off your high horse and laugh just because it’s funny. Neil Patrick Harris is Dr. Horrible, a wanna-be villain who has created an online blog. His goal is to be accepted into The Evil League of Evil, but his attempts at pulling off a truly sinister deed are often thwarted by his nemesis, Captain Hammer (Nathan Fillion of Firefly fame).

Of course there’s a mutual love interest, Penny (Felicia Day), a do-gooder who is drawn to Dr. Horrible yet unaware that he is, in fact, horrible. She is inexplicably connected to Captain Hammer however, because his superhero efforts keep having unavoidably positive effects on her daily life.

Everyone sings and does a respectable job. Neil Patrick Harris has become such a natural comedic actor. It’s such a delight to see a child actor make the transition without the drama and turmoil. And what’s up with his neighbor being named “Moist”? Is that a shout out to one of my favorite “How I Met Your Mother” episodes from Season Two entitled “Stuff”?

Okay, so this is light and goofy, but it’s nice to just enjoy a show without ratings and demographics. I think Joss Whedon has proved there’s an audience out there. It’s been a huge Internet hit and he has said that there will be a sequel. Let’s just hope it keeps the small-time charm and doesn’t become, “Dr. Horrible: The Movie.”

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