Sunday, July 27, 2008

Journey to the Center of the Earth

A Summer Treat for Your Eyeballs!

The new Brendan Fraser film, “Journey to the Center of the Earth” was great summer fun! I can’t imagine why this film would play on some screens minus the 3-D. Really, why would you want to see this without the 3-D effects?

I was quite surprised by how much tension was created in the film. I have to credit the fine acting of Brendan Fraser (Trevor), Josh Hutcherson (Sean) and Anita Briem (Hannah). They are basically the only actors in the film except for some minor, brief appearances by some other characters. Hutcherson in particular, did an excellent job of conveying fear and wonder. Fraser manages to always be the ultimate ringmaster for special effects/light plot fare. He’s become reliable entertainment, but we’ll see if he can pull off yet another summer opening with “Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.” It could prove to be Fraser overkill.

The scariest scenes in this film do not come from the 3-D effects but from the plot itself. I just dropped my eleven year old son off for a week at my sister’s house and then went to see this film with my husband and fifteen year old daughter. This is the first time my son has been away for an entire week. He’s my youngest, my baby, and it’s tough enough, but then I go to see this movie where the plot entails Brendan Fraser being left to care for his nephew for a week and what does he do? He takes him TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH!!!! I thought all I had to worry about were inappropriate video games and movies, but apparently your childless relatives have no qualms about taking your children on wild adventures and putting them in mortal danger. This built quite a bit of tension in me as I sat in my seat while I was chased by a dinosaur, chomped on by mutant piranha fish (those were the scariest!) and almost eaten by Venus Flytrap plants. I made it to the end and returned my 3-D glasses back to the depository. I know in real life your relatives would never risk your child while entrusted in their care for the week. We had a wonderful time and came home satisfied with our movie experience….then I called my sister’s house to talk to my son. You know, just to make sure.

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