Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome to Colleenie's Couch

Sit down, pour yourself a cup o' joe and stay awhile. I will tell you all about the cool things you should be watching, listening to and reading! Some new things, some old things and often some weird things!

I'm a regular person just like you. This means I have no other agenda except to point people towards great entertainment. The drawback is that I can't hip you to anything before it happens. I have no clout, so I may lag behind but, I tend to catch on pretty fast.

I hope you'll visit me regularly. Don't mind that unfolded laundry-just push it aside and make room for yourself. Leave me a comment if you enjoyed one of my suggestions. I have a wide range of taste however, it's rough out there and I tend to lean towards things that just make me laugh. Stick around and I think I can find just the right thing for you...

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