Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Roundup!

Labor Day officially marks the end of the summer movie season. I saw a lot of the movies this summer. I reviewed a great number of them, I'm behind on writing up a few, and some I missed altogether. I about a million times I planned to see The Dark Knight Rises, but it never seemed to materialize. I ended the season with seeing, Celeste and Jesse Forever. I'll try to review that this week. Here's a list of what I did see. What were your favorites of the summer? What were the duds? Let me know.

The Amazing Spiderman
The Avengers
Magic Mike
Moonrise Kingdom
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Ruby Sparks
Safety Not Guaranteed

**I'm working on my review of Beasts of the Southern Wild, Your Sister's Sister and Celeste and Jesse Forever, look for those later this week. My favorite surprise gem of the summer was Safety Not Guaranteed. I actually went and saw it a second time. Now on to the serious Fall Flicks!

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Karen said...

I'm so proud of myself! I finally watched a few movies. I saw Ted and loved it. Paranorman - meh and then a few freebies on Dish - Battleship & Young Adult. Didn't really like either of them but I'm happy to finally be catching up. I used to go to the movies every week but now it seems more like a few times a year ;-(