Thursday, April 26, 2012

Waning on Glee - Is It Just me?

I have been a big Glee fan since the very first episode. As this season is quickly coming to close, I find myself waning a bit. My dream is for them to pack it in at the end of this season. Seriously, all the major characters will be graduating and didn’t this show already surpass everyone’s expectations? Let it quietly ride off into the sunset. I’m so afraid this will end up becoming a show that makes me cringe when I watch it. You know what I mean, shows that stay around way too long, or add a cute kid to “liven” things up. Some of my favorite shows have fallen victim to this. This week I saw a commercial on Oxygen for The Glee Project Season Two, so it seems pretty certain that winners of that show would need to have Glee still on. If our current characters are successful, then glee club will become a stepping stone and not a place for rejects as when the show began. Maybe a new crop of kids will be good for the show. Some of the contestants from the first season of The Glee Project have brought some fresh pipes. “Boogie Shoes” was awesome! I’m still enjoying all the performances. Everyone on the show is so friggin’ talented. The storylines, on the other hand, have been very hit or miss with me. I feel the writers really blew it with Quinn. Come on, we saw that truck booking down the highway, yet it seemed like she was back at school in about a week. She would have had a much longer recovery just to get to the point of being able to be in a wheel chair. I don’t think they sent a very good message about not texting while driving. Of course, it does seem like we’re being set up for Quinn never being able to walk, but they really should have shown her in the hospital and deferring college while she goes through extensive physical therapy. Maybe they’ll right that one before season’s end. Well, I gave up on American Idol last season and I haven’t looked back. Glee, I’m sticking with you for now, but you better bring it!


Runs Like A Gay said...

When to leave a show is a really tricky decision for producers to decide, mainly because the best time critically is usually the worst time commercially.

Luckily I've never got into Glee (at least not beyond the odd episode) so I'll never have that problem.

But The Apprentice has stayed well beyond it's welcome.

Colleen said...

Luckily I never got into The Apprentice. I've tried to wean myself from shows where everyone is fighting.

I just remember spending all that time on LOST and I was a bit disappointed in the end.