Wednesday, April 18, 2012

RIP - Dick Clark

Dick Clark lived a full long life, but his passing is still a sad day for us. He's done so much for television. He produced so many great game shows and let's not even get started on what he's done for music.

American Bandstand showcased so many musicians over the years. I can't believe the singers that Dick Clark brought into my living room over the years. I can't say I learned to dance watching the show (honestly, I've got zero moves), but I sure did grow a wide appreciation for music of all genres.

Dick Clark was always such a likeable guy. Recently, when he suffered a stroke he missed hosting the iconic New Year's Rockin' Eve. He just missed that one year. The next year, there he was. Even though his speech had dramatically changed from the stroke, Clark was there with his wife to bring in a new year for us. Watching him that year I thought, "Man, he kicks ass!" Nothing was going to bring this guy down.

Cheers to you Mr. Clark. Thank you for everything you gave us. Here's a great clip of Clark talking to Prince. This performance was before Purple Rain and even before 1999. Pretty cutting edge for Saturday afternoon.

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