Sunday, January 22, 2012

Beaty and the Beast 3D - Movie Review

Beauty and the Beast has always had a special space in my heart. A golden time for Disney, when they decided to take their animation seriously again, Beauty and the Beast is sheer perfection. Now, Disney is finding a way to re-promote their films by re-issuing in 3D.

I enjoy 3D. Since my lasik eye surgery, I don’t have to put the 3D glasses on top of my specs, so that makes a big difference. Still, it’s not always necessary. The 3D was not working when I went to see Toy Story 3 last summer. I saw it in regular format and I don’t feel like it took anything away from my experience.

So my true motivation for seeing the recent release was simply to see my favorite Disney film in theaters again. Movie tickets are pricey these days though, so I understand that you have to offer the audience something different for their hard earned dough.

I’ve heard some arguments that 3D is as horrible a colorization because you are tampering with the original format of the film. I’m very much against colorization, but I haven’t to say I don’t feel the same about 3D.

Beauty and the Beast is a film I know well. For awhile, it was my daughter’s favorite video when she was young. It played in my home daily and I know it well. Watching it in 3D, I was able to appreciate some the more delicate intricacies’ of the outdoor scenes and even the rose covered borders in the opening sequence.

And don’t forget how wonderful this story is and how impressive the songs are. This is what holds some of the more current endeavors back. Tangled had a great story and good characters, yet failed to deliver a memorable song. This is what sets Beauty and the Beast apart from the rest. The first animated film to ever receive an Academy Award nomination, this film has romance, action, humor, songs you’ll be singing under your breath days after viewing and visual stunning scenes that you’ll never forget.

I’ve always loved this film a little more than the other Disney princess films because Belle had brown hair and brown eyes and her favorite pastime was reading. It’s been years since I’ve watched this film, but I still found myself instantly liking the spunky Belle once again. She certainly was not looking for any Prince Charming. Again, I was swept away by the story and Belle’s love for her father. Once at the castle, I was impressed by how much I could still enjoy, “Be Our Guest.” This scene gets so riotlessly out of control, you almost have to catch your breath as plates, cups and silverware go dizzyingly past the screen.

I also have to admit that I still teared up during the ballroom scene. For me, it’s not because the scene is touching, which it is. No, I am forever floored at how visually breathtaking it all is. It’s a scene that truly shows artists loving what they do. It’s a crown jewel in animation excellence.

So if you’re wondering, I’m saying yes this is worth you movie money to see again in the theater and in 3D. If you liked it the first time, this will remind you why. Hopefully, the 3D will make you see something you missed in 2D. As for me, it made me want to run home and whip out my sketch pad.

This film also included a short film follow up to Tangled. It was very cute and fun and I only hope they keep it at that. Tangled was an unexpected surprise for me and I certainly would not like it to be ruined with Tangled 2!

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