Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Horrible Bosses - Film Review

*Well how embarrassing! I’ve made a blog blunder. I scheduled this review ahead of time, but wasn’t quite finished with my review. I had the trailer all set and I just needed to do a little tweaking. I fell asleep last night and this post went live minus the review! I hope you’ll forgive me. Here it is now…

I’ve been waiting quite awhile for this film to come out. It has so many of my favorite comedic actors and that includes Kevin Spacey; that guy is hilarious. My favorite right now though has got to be Charlie Day. This guy walks on screen and you start laughing. I watch my 2 hour block of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia repeats on Comedy Central every Monday night. That show is nothing without Charlie!

So the plan was to go with my daughter who has been blessed with the same sense of twisted humor as her mom and then my son got added into the mix. My son is 14 and half and this is an R rated movie. Let me start by saying that I actually do take age and ratings into consideration. However, I do believe you need to take the individual kid into account. Personally, I was taken to Blazing Saddles at 7 and was raised on George Carlin and Richard Pryor comedy albums. Here’s the thing, my father taught me that funny is funny, period.

Because of the star power in this film, I was pretty confident that Jennifer Aniston would not flash her boobs and that no one would be “getting it on.” My daughter has been working a crazy number of hours at her new job and it finally came down to going without her or not going at all. I was correct about the film, other than language; I didn’t have too much to worry about. There were drug references, but it was definitely shown in way that drugs are bad. My son already watches Family Guy and plays Gears of War, so I’m really kidding myself that I’m keeping him from stuff. A mother-son bonding session was in the works.

My son is a bit easier to please than me and my daughter so I’ll begin by saying that he absolutely loved this film. I, on the other hand, describe it more as funny-esque as opposed to laugh-out-loud funny. All the actors seemed like they genuinely enjoyed working together and watching them play off of one another was the best thing about this film.

I was not falling out my seat in huge guffaws, but the story line was interesting and took some twist I did not expect.

We see good reasons that these guys would want to kill their bosses, yet we know going in that these guys are not going to very competent, so there are no worries that this will go over into “too dark” territory.

Jennifer Aniston really held her own amidst a sea of raunchy guys. It’s probably harder for audiences to accept that the object of her characters desire is Charlie Day more than her tawdry talk. Still, much like in Going the Distance, Charlie Day really shines brighter than everyone he’s around comedically. Sudiekis is always the thinks-he’s-cooler-than-he really-is-guy, and Bateman is always the guy too smart and sweet to be in his situation, this allows Day to be the over the top, goofy guy and he plays that role to the hilt.

In the end, my son has now replaced this film as his favorite comedy movie, bumping out Dinner for Schmucks. I have a higher standard for my comedy movies and although this was enjoyable, I could easily have waited and watched it on DVD.

This wasn’t as funny as I thought it was going to be, but I still had a good time with all these fun performers.


B.Inspired said...

Hi There! I just discovered your blog on lady bloggers...'just stopping by,' JK! Anyways, I agreed with your comments on 5 turnoff to bloggers and thought I'd take a look at your blog. I've read excellent reviews on Horrible Bosses and will go to see it this weekend! Cheers for speaking your opinion on those who 'just drop by.'

Savvy Working Gal said...

Hmmm. Not sure after your review if I want to see this. The only Jennifer Aniston movie I've enjoyed was Marley & Me. Good to know it isn't overly funny though. Sometimes when I'm not expecting much I am pleasantly surprised.

I also hopped over to The Lady Bloggers and re-read your comment. I agree 'just stopping by' comments are frustrating. The blogger is going through the motions to participate in the tea party. I also hate I will follow you if you follow me comments. It is the bloggers loss in the long run, no one is going to click on a profile of a commenter that has nothing to say.
Keep up the good work.

Colleen said...

I liked her in Marley and Me too. If you're on the fence, wait for the DVD, a buck at Redbox or something is worth the couple of good chuckles you'll get.

I find everyone at The Lady Bloggers Society is pretty cool and that's why I like being there, I think we're all after the same thing. I think it's set up well to only visit two, that's much more realistic. I look around for ones that interest me.