Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hereafter - Movie Review

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My husband has a habit of trying to do a million tasks before we finally sit down and watch a film together. So let me begin by saying that we did not start watching Hereafter until 10:10pm and it’s a very quiet slow moving film. After a wonderful dinner I prepared (seafood pasta) and a few glasses of wine, I was nodding off halfway in. Three separate stories about a reluctant psychic, (Matt Damon), a French journalist that believes she’s glimpsed the afterlife and a young Londoner, grieving the tragic lost of his twin brother, prove to be compelling stories, yet everything is in a quiet, understated, almost dreamlike state. Everyone speaks very quietly and this just doesn’t lend itself to late night viewing. A little more than half way in I couldn’t stay awake even though I was interested. I really couldn’t shake it so I went to bed. In the morning I asked my husband if it was worth finishing and he said he liked it. I’m a much tougher critic than he is, but I decided to pop it back in and finish where I left off. I’m glad I did.

Although this was a quiet, slow paced film it worked. I felt the pain and anguish all the characters were going through, especially the young twin boy. I teared up every time he came on the screen. I also enjoyed delving into what a burden it would be to be a real psychic, like Matt Damon’s character. Funny I remembered that Roger Ebert gave this film a favorable review. When I read it though, he seemed to feel that Damon’s abilities were not really proven and left up to the audience to decide. I didn’t feel the same way. I thought the film clearly said he had these abilities; though it’s true that there’s know concrete explanation as to where his visions are coming from.

I completely forget that Clint Eastwood directed this film until his credit popped up at the end. I enjoy the range he’s been presenting. He’s proven to be an interesting filmmaker. This film gives you ideas to chew on without shoving anything down your throat. Good solid movie.


moviesandsongs365 said...

Clint Eastwood certainly has been more thoughtful whn directing since the 90s, I haven't got to Hereafter yet, plan to. Probably my favourites of his recent ones are Bridges of Madison County , and Gran Torino, which both hold up to repeat viewing I feel.

Karen said...

I have had this movie for over a month sitting next to the Blu Ray player. I really need to pop it in and just watch it. But maybe not at