Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So in the end it came down to how much you love these characters. Do you want them to be happy? Do you want them to be at peace? Just like the end of any long-term relationship, you have to let it go. You’ll never have all your answers and you walk away with things you will always cherish and things that will forever piss you off.

I was happy with the end. I had to sit on it for awhile. I needed it to percolate and I had to work out questions in my head. It was okay for Jin to stay and die with Sun because they had no child. Claire wasn’t Jack’s sister. She was only his desperation for family. Slowly, I’ve worked most of it out for myself. I still don’t get Charles Widmore and why Daniel was there, but not really there. If anyone can shed light on this I’d appreciate it.

The one thing that I felt was emphatically answered was the fact that everyone died in the crash, or at least shortly thereafter. Funny though, this is what I keep hearing people talk about. Can I point out that Jack was in the exact same spot at the end of the show as he was at the beginning? The dude was alive for about 30 seconds. There are many things up for interpretation, but I don’t think that’s one of them.

For those that analyzed and dissected this show for six seasons, I can see how they might be disappointed. I had fun trying to figure what it all meant, but I didn’t use a lot of my free time doing it. These fans, I’m sure, we’re waiting for some type of Matrix mind blow.

In the end, I was the perfect Lost fan. I believe I embodied what the creators wanted. I let it wash over me. I asked questions, I pondered I queried, but only to a point. Like faith itself, at some point you have to give up trying to figure it all out and simply give yourself over to it.

To accept an ending that everyone pegged early on is tough. We all thought it would be something more. For this I look to mother of all shows, The Twilight Zone. What constantly set that show apart was its heart and humanity for the characters. Sure it had shock value galore, but what about episodes like, In Praise of Pip? You felt that one to your core and that’s how you felt Sunday night as they all touched each other and connected.

Yes, everyone died in the plane crash (they did), but we were able to glimpse into their souls and witness their redemptions. Isn’t that better than the island being run by aliens or that they were under a drugged hypnosis in Hurley’s Psych ward?

Thank you for the journey. Thank you for making me care and thank you for showing me that everyone has a chance, in the end, to be redeemed.

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