Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Time Traveler's Wife

Lost In Translation

I have this book. I always have the book, but in true Colleenie style, I never got around to reading it. I was really looking forward to seeing this movie, yet fearful that once I did, I’d never read the book.

This is the first time I feel compelled to immediately read this book, because I have a hunch that this is one of those great books that totally did not translate well to film.

The basic premise is Claire (the absolutely lovely Rachel McAdams) is in love with Henry, (Eric Bana) who unfortunately time travels against his will. This of course makes for a complicated relationship.

Some scenes are quite touching, but all the jumping around leaves you lacking emotion for any of the characters. I’m sure in the book you can get into the deeper feeling of lost and isolated that we all feel in our lives. Fantastical subject matter tends to work better on the page as we picture things the way we want and need them to be so that we can accept the storyline. Unfortunately, when someone else is in charge of bringing our imagination to page, it’s almost always going to fall short.

This also seemed to be more of a mood story. You have to get in the heads of these characters and really walk in their shoes. There’s not much happening per se. Reading can transport us and dispel what we know is real once you’re in the right groove. Although I don’t need my films to be heavily plot driven, I found this movie to be extremely boring. I kept checking my watch as the story plodded along. I just wanted them to solve their little dilemma, for better or worse, and release me back into the world.

Away We Go was a quiet little film where not much took place, but I loved those characters and wanted to hang out with them long after the film was over. I never felt connected to the characters in The Time Traveler’s Wife. I have a feeling this is one of those movie adaptations that has left the author reeling.

My husband liked this film. We rarely disagree in our movie taste, but this worked for him. He could get into these characters and their problems. As for me, I have to fall back on the crying factor. I cry at EVERYTHING! I recently cried at the movie trailer for Precious. That’s right; within two minutes I was bawling. The Time Traveler’s Wife…dry as a bone.

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