Sunday, March 22, 2009

Amy's Having the BABY!

The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Okay, I’m 41 not 14, but I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s season finale of The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

What first started as me simply wanting to checking in on Molly Ringwald has since become a “guilty pleasure” that shot to the top of my must see list. ABC Family is catching everyone up with a marathon leading up to the finale, but seriously, if you’re watching this show, you have not missed a single episode.

Amy is now in labor, everyone is hooking up, sluts are re-evaluating their place in teen society and Ricky finally made it through an entire episode without trying to put the moves on anybody. Of course, though, he did in flashback!

The funny thing is I ended up caring about these characters a lot more than I ever expected. And a show that seems like it would have a short shelf-life actually can make it as we see the struggles a teen mother faces. If the show wants to make a social statement, it would better serve the teen community to see Amy try to navigate her way through motherhood as apposed to the squeaky music and blurry fade-out of Lifetime films.. “Ah, she’s keeping the baby. It’ll be tough, but she’ll make it through. She’s got moxie!”

If you really want to scare the teen population, show them how often you’ll miss social opportunities and how hard everyday life is when you have to put yourself in the foreground. Sure, the show is cheesy, but I do feel some of the messages are getting across.

Regardless, I’ll be glued to my set tomorrow night. There’s no way I’m recording this one. It’s going to be the Superbowl of teen dramas, and you’ve got to watch this one live!

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