Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Eyes on Fallon

Tomorrow night, Jimmy Fallon takes over “Late Night” on NBC, the show left vacant by Conan O’Brien. Many have their reservations about Fallon’s success. I’m certainly one of them.

This time is different. When Conan took over, he was a virtual unknown in front of the camera. We’ve seen Fallon on TV and in movies and frankly, I don’t think many of us are impressed.

Fallon provokes the question, “How did this guy get a job?” I don’t know if he’s a great comedic writer; I only know his on-camera antics that consist of him merely laughing at his own jokes. He almost single-handedly ruins the infamous “Cowbell” skit with his constant laughing. He was the reason I stopped watching SNL for awhile. His incessant giggling is so unprofessional and annoying that I really don’t see how he could have possibly been tapped to be Conan’s successor.

Now, I’m fair. I will eat my words if he does a good job. I just have to be honest that coming into this, I have severe doubts.

We are in a faster age then when Conan took over. Fallon will not have as much time to sink or swim. I only hope for his sake that he’s learned to control the laughing.

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