Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Song of the Week - Special Edition

There’s so many new songs hitting the airwaves, I thought I do a Song of the Week Special Edition…Digging, Not Digging.”

Many of the artists I enjoy are putting out new tunes, but some just aren’t doing it for me. To be fair, I’ll put on all the videos and maybe you can tell me what I’m missing in these songs.

Not Digging

Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up

I feel like Mr. Mraz phoned this one in. It has such a simple quality to it and it doesn't feel like his style at all.

Train - Drive By
One of the things I hate about this song is how catchy it is. I keep singing it, even though I hate it. The whole "Drive By" thing doesn't work for me. I can't help but thinking of shootings. I've never heard that term used for a one night stand. Have you?

John Mayer - Shadow Days

I love John Mayers music and I have all his cds. I'm torn with this one. The guitar work is awesome, but it rubs me the wrong way that he's telling me he's a good man, with a good heart. Can you say that about yourself? And much like Jason Mraz, this has a country feel that I'm simply not digging.

How do you feel about these? Are any of these your new fav? Tell me why.
Now on to some new songs that I'm digging and are playing in heavy rotation in my car.

Snow Patrol - Called Out In the Dark

This is a great new song from Snow Patrol and the video is great too!

The Shins - Simple Song

I have already listened to this song a gazillion times. I'm so excited for the new album, but sadly, I need to wait till payday. Hold on Shins, I'm coming!

Kelly Clarkson - Stronger

Ya know, I don't want to like this song. It's very pop-lite. Still, I know every word and it does make me feel a tinge of girl power. Turn up the volume. Go Kelly!

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