Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas CD of the Week

Christmas Time with The Judds
Yeah, I said it. I’m highlighted The Judds Christmas album. Now, I cannot name one single song that The Judds ever recorded, but this 1987 release, is one of my all time favorite Christmas albums.

I originally had this on cassette and then actually repurchased it in the late 90’s on CD. My Christmas music collection is quite vast and I love dipping into lesser known genres. This one fits the bill to a tee!

Give this a try. Their harmonies are simply gorgeous and the tracks “Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem” and “Silver Bells” are some of my favorite renditions.

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Rachael said...

Wait, there is a Judds Christmas album? I NEED IT! We used to listen to the Judds when I was a kid.