Monday, February 8, 2010

Idol Chatter

So the rumors seem to true that Idol producers have approached Howard Stern to replace Simon Cowell. After Paula’s departure, this would seem to be the final nail in Idol’s coffin. Howard Stern? Unlike a lot folks, I don’t dislike Stern, I just don’t see a connection.

Simon Cowell is actually in the music business. His biting remarks are what musicians have to deal with in the music industry everyday. There are dozens of Simons telling you that your image won’t work, your voice isn’t good enough and that you’re not a marketable talent. He’s authentic.

Replacing Cowell with Stern would merely be a gimmick to find a “mean-spirited celebrity.” If that’s what the producers want, why don’t they just hire Perez Hilton? If they want someone who actually works hard whenever he’s on Idol, how about Barry Manilow? He really listens to the kids and gives them advice they can put to use. Stern would probably make everyone cry and then flip them off. Plus with as many strippers and porn stars he’s had on his radio show, is he really the right choice for a bubble-gum family show like Idol?

Let’s hope this is simply a fleeting thought on Fox’s radar. I hate to judge Stern prematurely, but I would have to say I’d probably hang up my Idol hat if he took over next season.

Maybe the producers should take a page from Lost’s creators and simply enjoy your time in the sun and then move on.

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