Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mediocre Movies, Now on DVD!

Well apparently I haven’t missed much. Time and money prevents me from going to see all the movies I want to in the theatres and even my Netflix subscription falls by the wayside when my kids are in school. So once summer is here, it’s my movie catch up time. Except, I’m finding it difficult to find any hidden gems in the movies I missed the first time around. Even Richard Gere couldn’t add sizzle to the molasses slowness of, Nights in Rodanthe. P.S. I Love You, was nowhere near as cute and charming as the book. Definitely, Maybe was cute but frustrating and Ghost Town was just painful. The best thing to come out of that film was the end credit song “Heart of Life” by John Mayer. This is my new obsession song and I’ve now listened to it about five hundred times. I’m actually listening to it right now!

Through this sea of mediocrity, have any films proven be better than I thought they would be? Forgetting Sarah Marshall, was laugh out loud funny and it was refreshing – if not awkward and uncomfortable- to have male nudity for a change. Jason Segal did not flash full-frontal once, but four times! Surprisingly, the chicks kept their clothes on and I for one appreciated that.

Role Models, was also a fun, inappropriately joke filled, Paul Rudd love fest. Paul Rudd’s dancing alone is always worth my time. Seann William Scott had some great one-liners, Christopher Mintz-Plasse proved he wasn’t a one trick pony after his Mclovin’ fame, and Bobb’e J. Thompson is a tiny Eddie Murphy, back when Eddie was raunchy and funny.

I’ll keep trudging through this morass of films and letting you know what’s worth your two hours. I have to wrap this up now because I’ve listened to “Heart of Love” about fifteen times.What’s wrong with me?

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