Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Client List - TV Show Review

I’m going to be perfectly honest here. The only reason I even watched Lifetime’s new show The Client List is because my husband has had a long standing crush on Jennifer Love-Hewitt (he seems to think we look alike, which I don’t see AT ALL). We both support each other’s celebrity crushes. Hey, my husband agreed to see The Last Crusade on out honeymoon to triple support my love of film, Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford. So, yeah I think I can watch a tacky hour long Lifetime drama for him.

With only two episodes left in the premiere season (and I have one backlogged on my DVR), I’ve decided to write my review now. I know the show is supposed to be light fluff, but I still can’t help but bothered by some aspects of the show.

The basic breakdown; Riley Parks is a Texas cutie with an out of work husband and two young kids. Soon after landing a job at a massage parlor (The Rub), Riley’s husband runs out on her and the kids. With a mortgage looming and her massage take home pay not cutting the mustard, Riley decides to accept the salon owner’s (Loretta Devine) offer and service special customers that are on The Client List. Basically, theses clients want happy endings. A hesitant Riley finds redemption in her new role. She can actually help people by giving hand jobs! Whoda thought.

I’m unfamiliar with the original Lifetime movie this show is based on. I try to avoid Lifetime movies whenever possible. I must confess though that I got caught up in last weekend’s Shadow of Fear. Damm, sometimes they just suck me in. What I trying to say though, is my review here is based solely on my knowledge of the TV show so far and not the movie.

First, I was a bit let down to see the show taking place in Texas. Everything seems to be based in The South these days and it’s getting a little over done. I also had a problem when Riley found out that one of the other girls (Selena) was meeting some clients outside of The Rub to offer even more services. I for one was happy to learn this story plot because it explained why Selena had so much money. But to see Riley be all indignant and inform her that she couldn’t do that anymore was preposterous to me. Selena is conducting these services outside of The Rub, so it really doesn’t seem like it would be anyone else’s business. It felt like a fabricated storyline in order to create conflict between the two characters. If Riley tells the owner what is she going to do, declare in her syrupy sweet, Loretta Devine voice, “Hey, I run a respectable hand job business here!”

As much as I want to take it for the fun trash it’s trying to be, I can’t help but be annoyed that all the clients are attractive and not creepy. No one, gets a little too handsy and Riley never seems to look at any of these guys and think, “Now that guy? I’m not touching him!”

I will finish out the season with the hubby, who also agrees that the plotlines are not quite up to snuff, but after this, I think I’m out. I understand this show is going with a lighter touch, still it can be a little grittier if it balanced some humor with the pitfalls of that kind of profession. The girls would probably compare notes a bit more and how about some more believable clients like a really, really old dude, or someone a bit portly? If The Client List wants to last a bit longer (and yes, I know what you think I mean) it’s going to have to get out of the fantasy and into more reality. This isn’t Cinemax ya know!

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